Road Map

GIS in Transportation—Research Road Map

ABJ60 is developing a strategic vision for the next 20 years of GIS-T research. Members, friends and anyone with an interest are invited to participate.

The foundations of this activity have been laid over the past 2-3 years, in a series of focused workshops. We consulted subject matter experts in GIS, transportation and computer science. We identified a need for sustained and directed research in GIS-T, and—borrowing from other successful initiatives in transportation—conceptualized a “Road Map” as the way forward.

The next task is to build the Road Map. We invite your input in this important process to conceptualize the future of GIS-T.

The Committee is grateful to FHWA for funding this initiative.

Food for Thought

Introducing the Matrix

There will be many and varied takes on the Food for Thought above. The Matrix is a way to organize that content. Read up on the Matrix concept (strongly recommended for first-time visitors).

Your turn

Write up your research need, or make a valuable impact critiquing other submissions. After the vetting process these contributions will become part of the Road Map. Interactive roadmap dialogue is courtesy of the Transit Informatics Group, Center for Urban Transportation Research.




Collaborative Decision Making

GIS In Transportation – Research Road Map Collaborative Decision Making Fred Laurence Williams (Office of Budget & Policy, FTA) responds to Harvey’s Transport 2.0 article Visualize five different “interests” seated around a conference table, viewing a common screen displaying, say, a top-down view of their neighborhood. Each participant, in turn, projects upon the map images …

GIS-T 2029: Roadmap Challenge

GIS in Transportation—Research Road Map GIS-T 2029: Roadmap Challenge Val Noronha Remember 1989? The Berlin Wall, the Cold War. Superclocked desktop computers ran Lotus 1-2-3 at 16 MHz, 640×480 16-color VGA graphics cards were rocking the PC business, we backed up the choicest files from our 30 MB hard drives on to 720 KB floppies, …