The Subcommittee on Research was created at the January 2005 committee meeting. Unlike the other subcommittees, it is assumed that by virtue of a common interest in research, all members and friends of ABJ60 are members of this subcommittee.

The Chair of the Research Subcommittee is Val Noronha.

Focus Groups

Members and Friends are invited to sign up in one or more Focus Groups. Click the red button at the bottom of this page to sign up.

The Focus Groups are as follows:

1) Safety

2) Operations

3) Environment

4) Planning

5) Infrastructure

6) Security

7) Science

Activities of the Focus Groups

  • Develop research problem statements periodically for NCHRP/TCRP
  • Calls for papers and paper review for Annual Meeting
  • Organize annual/mid-year meeting activities (e.g., workshops, sessions)
  • Liaise with other committees/sections/groups or organizations

These largely mirror the general responsibilities of committees, specified in the Division A Guide.