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Draft PPT—Security
Critical Issues Draft—Security

Vision Statement — Security

Lead: Bruce Ralston


This focus group seeks to apply methods of geographic information science to problems of transport security. Included in this vision are the development of tools for security enhancement, security related data management including the collection, protection, and appropriate sharing of information, and the protection of individual rights with respect to transport information.

Topics for Research and NCHRP Problem Statements

1. What are the best ways to visualize specific space-time paths when the volume of data is quite large? That is, when looking for a needle-in-a-haystack how do we confront the problem of ever increasing amounts of hay?

2. How should existing data models, such as UNETRANS, FGDC 20-27(3) be adapted to support increased transport security?

3. How can methods of network design and analysis be adapted to explore the tradeoffs between transport system resiliency and economic efficiency?

4. What methods of geospatial analysis should be used to analyze changing security profiles?

5. How can geospatial analysis support the management of jurisdictional boundaries when dealing with transport security?

6. As security related transportation datasets become quite large, how should data models and algorithms be adapted to work in a high performance gird computing environment?

7. How can geospatial analysis methods be used to integrate multiple input sources, such as GPS, sensors, and image feeds to provide coherent security information?

8. Are there methods of analysis to use sources of geospatial information to fill in security related data gaps?

9. How can methods of spatial transportation analysis be extended to reflect the challenges presented by multi-modal, multi-jurisdictional transport?

Members of the Security Focus Group:

Group Lead: Bruce Ralston

Teresa Adams

Budhendra Bhaduri

Ed Granzow

Hall Millegan

Tony Pietropola

Rekha Pillai

Wayne Sarasua

Darren Scott

Benjamin Zhan