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Draft PPT—Science/Strategic Planning
Critical Issues Draft—Science

DRAFT Vision Statement—Science

Lead: Wende Mix

Nearly ten years ago the University Consortium for Geographic Information Science (UCGIS) identified 10 research challenges facing the GISystem community. These challenges are

1. Cognition of geographic information

2. Spatial data acquisition and integration

3. Spatial analysis in a GIS environment

4. Interoperability of geographic information

5. Distributed computing

6. Future of the spatial information infrastructure

7. GIS and society

8. Uncertainty of geographic data and GIS-based activities

9. Extensions of geographic representations

10. Scale

Although these research needs are both broad and cross-cutting both with respect to applications and agencies, the vision of the Transportation Research Board’s Subcommittee on Spatial Data and Information Science Research is to explore these general research needs as they relate specifically to the transportation community. These research needs statements may refined within the context of several application areas identified by the subcommittee. The application areas are

1. Safety

2. Operations and Congestion (including travel demand modeling)

3. Environment

4. Infrastructure Renewal and Asset Management

5. Security

A great deal of GIcientific research has been conducted within the transportation community and many other physical and social science communities that should be recognized and brought to bare on an assessment of the research needs within the transportation community. The research subcommittee’s vision is to develop an understanding of where we are with respect to the transportation specific GIScience research needs and where we should be going in the future.

Members of the Science Focus Group:

Group Lead: Wende Mix

Budhendra Bhaduri

Young-Ji Byon

Kaushik Dutta

Andy Ferry

David Fletcher

Ed Granzow

Elizabeth Harper

Simon Lewis

Harvey Miller

Zhong-Ren Peng

Paul Scarponcini

Darren Scott

Alexei Skourikhine

Jean-Claude Thill

Ed Wells

Fan Yang

Benjamin Zhan