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Draft PPT—Infrastructure
Critical Issues Draft—Infrastructure

DRAFT Vision Statement—Infrastructure Renewal and Asset Management

Lead: Jack Stickel

To advance the application of spatial analysis tools and technologies to add value and improve organizational decision-making practices in asset management and resource allocation. The focus is on meeting the needs of practitioners and decision makers at multiple levels in public transportation agencies. Emphasis areas for research, products and best practices include the following:

• Asset Management spatial decision support products

• Multimodal program development and delivery

• Spatial tools for resource allocation and analysis

• Executive/legislative needs analysis

• Network assessment; spatial data mining

• Multi-agency coordination including federal, states, MPOs, and local agencies

• Program and project management

• Benefit identification and quantification

• Implementation strategies

• Application of new spatial technologies in data collection and analysis

• Enabling the integration of relevant information sources

• Stakeholder access to products and information; internet/intranet deployment

• Integration with ongoing external public and private GIS activities

• Data quality and collection issues

• Spatial data management processes including metadata

• Spatial modeling and forecasting techniques

• Incorporation of historical spatial data resources

• Enterprise deployment

Members of the Infrastructure Focus Group:

Group Lead: Jack Stickel

Suleiman Ashur

Terry Bills

Carlos Caldas

Tim Case

Martin Catala

Kaushik Dutta

Ed Granzow

James Hall

Khaled Hamad

Paul Hanley

Zachary Hans

Simon Lewis

Dave Loukes

Hall Millegan

Vidya Mysore

Lance Parve

Tony Pietropola

Cesar Quiroga

Rajat Rajbhandari

Tom Roff

Paul Scarponcini

William Schuman

Darren Scott

Alexei Skourikhine

Bruce Spear

Athreya Srinivasan

John Sutton

Jean-Claude Thill

James Vitale

Ed Wells