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Draft PPT—Environment
Critical Issues Draft—Environment

DRAFT Vision Statement—Environment

Lead: Hilary Perkins

DRAFT Vision Statement

The vision of the focus group on environment is to develop universal applications and/or methodologies that can provide a coordinated and cooperative enterprise-based process for early detection of all facets of environmental constraints in transportation planning.  It is anticipated that these goals be accomplished through effective communication exchange, data integrity standards and cooperative training.

General Information

The draft development of the vision statement for ABJ60, Committee on Spatial Data and Information Science: Focus Group – Environment, will place special attention on all environmental issues for transportation planning. The following categories and topics were developed to better construct the vision statement.  There will be some duplication in topics, but can generally coalesce to form a cohesive goal for successful GIS application.  The categories and topics are not listed in order of importance.

1. Major concerns.

i. Standards

ii. Coordination and Cooperation

iii. Data forms (Static and Dynamic)

iv. Out-of-the-Box Thinking

v. Data integrity, acquisition and metadata

vi. Data Types (general and proprietary)

vii. Training (methods and implementation)

viii. Utilization and incorporation of GPS technologies

ix. Timely turnaround on projects

x. Early detection of constraints

xi. Interoperability of application or use (between programs)

2. Primary focus area(s).

i. Standards

ii. Interoperability of application or use (between programs)

iii. Training

iv. Coordination

v. Cooperation

vi. Early detection of environmental constraints

vii. Inclusion of Planning/Environmental Divisions/Sections in the analysis process.

viii. Enterprise Design

ix. Methodology focus and sharing

3. Emphasis on the Future.

i. Universal application

ii. Cooperative sharing of methods and data

iii. Development of Standards

iv. Enterprise-based

v. Data transfer method development

vi. Training

Members of the Environment Focus Group:

Group Lead: Hilary Perkins

Joe Burns

Kaushik Dutta

Robert Fuhler

Aung Gye

Ann Johnson

Sue Kimbraugh

Lance Parve

Roger Petzold

Bruce Spear

Sharada Vadali

Ben Williams

Benjamin Zhan