Invitation to Engage our Community

Greetings all,

One of the great currencies of our group are our thoughts, insights and experiences.  One of our roles at TRB is to produce relevant research topics.  I hope to use this website as a first step stage of engaging you all to help ABJ60 produce new research topics.

I am inviting you all to play a role by sharing news, insights, opinions and research topics in the areas that you are most interested.  To do that you can create posts on the website.  If you want something less formal then simply send an email to the address (provided you are a member of the listserv) .

if anyone would like to be able to create posts on the site please contact me directly and we will arrange to give you your permissions.

I believe these forums can serve as a healthy mechanism for us to communicate with each other and possibly serve as a foundation for the development of research needs statements, an important role for the group.  So please consider participating and contributing your thoughts.

Thank you again for your time, thoughts and efforts.

Martin Catala
Manager GIS and Informatics Group
Center for Urban Transportation Research
4202 East Fowler Ave (CUT100)
Tampa, FL 33620
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