A New Community-Based Bike Routing Tool

Source: Mobilitylab.org


BikePlanner.org is a new bike routing website from OpenPlans that uses the impressive, crowdsourced OpenStreetMap. BikePlanner is free and easy to use on a computer, tablet or smartphone. Moreover, preferences for the “fastest”, “safest”, or “flatest” route can be calibrated by the user, either for personal biking or bikesharing.

The most attractive feature is that the base map is editable by anyone, thus local cyclists have the power to make BikePlanner more accurate and useful. This is the first fucntional trip routing tool for bikesharing systems, including routing based on bike and dock availability.

For maps on bike routing, please visit BikePlanner. Additionally, if there is a route that is less than optimal, log-in to OpenStreetMap and correct the base map for improved routing.

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